Wallenberg Hip-Cast Car Seat


We are currently working on a lighter, more simplistic Hip Cast seat design.

We are aiming at the end of this year.
If the new design passed compliance testing, it should be available in early 2019. ...Stay tuned.

The Wallenberg is a child passenger safety seat specially designed for individuals with hip or arm casts weighing between 5 and 80 pounds.

Special Features
  • Minimum weight: 5 lbs.

  • Maximum weight: 80 lbs.

  • Maximum height: 60"

  • Seat width: 17"
  • Two hammock positions to accommodate casted hip angles.

  • Rear-Facing Base comes standard (not pictured).

  • Removable Headrest comes standard (not pictured).
  • Sanitizeable flat plastic seat with Stainless Steel frame.
  • Replacement foam, cover, and harness available.