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The Roosevelt is a car seat specially designed for children with special health care needs weighing between 35 and 115 pounds.

Special Features
  • Minimum weight: 35 lbs.

  • Maximum weight: 115 lbs.

  • Minimum height: 33.5 inches

  • Maximum height: 62 inches

  • Shoulder width maximum: 15.5 inches

  • Thigh width maximum: 14.5 inches

  • Five different shoulder strap slot heights:

  • Padded seat extenders provide optimum seat depth for each leg. Three depths are offered and any combination of depths is available.

  • Height from seat bottom to seat top is 30 inches.

  • Our “EZ-Tether” system makes tethering unnecessary in most cases, simplifying the installation in older vehicles.

  • Accessories available: EZ-Up Headrest system, Stay-Put Pommel, Incontinent Cover, Scoliosis Harness, Chest Clip Guard and Buckle Guard.


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