A car bed specially designed for children with special health care needs.

Special Features
  • Minimum weight: 4.5 lbs.

  • Maximum weight: 35 lbs.

  • Maximum height: Up to 29 inches (or taller if legs are permitted to bend)

  • Largest car bed available.

  • Five different restraint options:

  • Restraint bag with cummerbund (supine)

  • Restraint bag with cummerbund (prone)

  • Restraint bag with cummerbund (Side facing)

  • 3-point harness with cummerbund (supine)

  • 3-point harness with cummerbund (prone)

  • Two sizes of restraint bags and adjustable cummerbunds offered.

  • Restraint bag securely attaches to bed and features dual entry zippers (single zippers on side-facing bags).

  • Cummerbund wrap provides comfort and optimal positioning.

  • Accessories available: Side-Facing Restraint Bag, Large Restraint Bag and Leveling Wedge.


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